Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to do setup on cctv network

Assuming you use WinXP on your CCTV PC :
1) Install all your DVRNet software on the CCTV PC (Drivers, Apache web server & etc).
Configure your site name & access password.

2) Set the CCTV PC to have a static IP address like
Test the web server by launching IE and enter the IP address or PC name on the browser address bar.
Continue to login and then install the ActiveX viewer in IE once and you should be able to view the CCTV.

3) Configure the router/modem to port forward/allow incoming port 80, 8080 & 8081 to the CCTV PC IP address.

If your broadband package is using static IP, skip steps 4 & 5.

4) If your broadband package is not using static IP, register for DNS service like and set a URL like "" in the host section of the DynDNS account configuration.

5) Download and install the DynDNS IP updater client on the home PC, & configure it with your DynDNS account IP, password, and host URL you have set above and set it to run automatically as a System Service.

(If your router/firewall support DynDNS service, you don't have to download & install the software, but some routers are not DynDNS compliant & your URL might get banned for repeated updating from same IP address)

6) Use a WinXP PC with Internet connection and run the IE (I don't think it works for Vista) for this because of the ActiveX plugin, Firefox/Opera/etc won't work.

7) Enter the public static IP (if you have) or the DynDNS hostname you have registered -> into the IE address bar.

You should be able to see the WebDVR login screen.
Otherwise you can also install the DVRNet client viewer & configure it using the static IP address or DynDNS name if you don't want to use Internet browsers.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The enjoyment of alone..

Today was 13/08/08, as same every wednesday, I need to woke up at 10am because i had a current issue class with our beloved Mr K. The class was ended at 1pm and went to took my lunch with Rahu, Simon and Tamil. Yes, two indian and two chinese but we are talking the same language and the same topic. After my lunch, I was on my friend ride, waiting for traffic light to turn green, suddenly one transformer car horn at behind, I thought is police, +_+"" rupanya bukan, itu Lai Mei.. waving at me.. I doens't know want to reply her's wave or not, but without hesitate simply smile and waving at her bagi dia happy sekejap.. HahahhHahahah.. Dun angry oh.. :P

A few minutes later, I managed to get into my car and planned to have a walk and movie at Sunway pyramid and I'm alone.. Yes, I'm ALONE.. Reached there at 2.30pm and managed to get brought Meet Dave movie ticket, before the time, I went for a walk and look look..Saw British Indian, went in and simply grab a shirt and look at the price tag " WTF " MYR679, quicky throw back and run like no tommorow.. That is just an stupid design shirt and is cost MYR679 but they having a promotion 50% but is it still very expensive.

Time up, brought a vannila coke and went into cinema.. Meet dave is not bad, quite funny.. While in the cinema, i figured one thing, I'm not the only one who watching movie alone, there is few of them.. What a lonely fella.. Finished up the movie at 5pm and drove home.. I enjoy to being alone :P

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Power of Insomnia..

Lately I found that I'm hit by this disease. Make me feel so annoyed, couldn't sleep at the night. You may interest to know what I had done during the night, I walked here and there, doing some nonsense thing such as open my msn list and see who was online and nudge them but ended up no people entertain me. So I gave up and try other nonsense thing, I went to google and look for cocktail recipe and I think I wanna try my own flaming lamborgini, " I tried that last saturday and I was very high up to the sky ".. At the same time, got another one girl also hit by this insomnia, if you are the one who reading, you will catch the point.. This blog appear after I read your blog.. :P

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What can RM2 do?

Because of just RM2.. Is just 200 cent.. His's mom didn't give him RM2 and he hit his's mom and burn his's house.. The power of Rm2 is owesome for this guy.. I'm wondering if I pay him RM10, 5 time than RM2, can he put a banana inside his's asshole? I bet he will..

Monday, July 28, 2008

Would you like to be RICH?

When a human reach 18, automatically materialistic mind will took place.. Start to envy and jealous toward those who driving a sport car and earning a big buck. At that time you will start thinking of making a big money by your own. You starting to plan to get yourself a business,but how does it possible with few thousand and without any experience in any field. When you are scratching your head for this. Someone with light on their head appear and tell you with all the beautiful word and willing to grab your hand and walk to the heaven with just few thousand. He or she with all the beautiful philosophy and promise you to make you live luxury, drive a sport car and earning big money with just few thousand. What would be the think on your mind with all those beautiful philosphy. Will you grab him or her hand? Tough question for you..

Friday, July 25, 2008

A Night at Bar Celona..

When your wallet got RM2, you lepak outside just like them..

When your wallet packed with some cartoon paper, you are inside just like me..

Two diferent country..

When your friend pay you for a drink, don't pay with your life..

Chinese said, " Orang keluar $$$, You keluar nyawa "..

Yesterday was ladies night, there is a competition called " EAT MY BANANA ", the guy tie a banana below his's waist, just right on that spot and the girl head down and eat the whole banana only with mouth, sorry no hand allowed.. The winner walked away with RM500 cash and one barcadi.

Gold from Nigeria..

This is a gift that brought by my friend from Nigeria ( Africa ).. Look carefully what is it? Just for collection, does not have any purpose of having it :P.. I'm still a virgin :P